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{ leave sanity at the door } [entries|friends|calendar]
Leave Sanity at the Door ~ a Yu-Gi-Oh! RPG

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[02 Feb 2005|08:33pm]

[ mood | Sexy ]

Otogi found the italian restaurant that Pegasus had mentioned without any trouble, and arrived early to wait. He even brought some marshmallows. Unfortunately he had no idea where you buy pink ones, so he had to dye white ones by spraying food coloring on them. He just hoped that the shade of pink would be to Pegasus' liking. He knew how temperamental the man could be when things wern't exactly the way he wanted them. He had dropped Kisara-chan off earlier and left Bakura-kun to find his own way.

The evening shift was covered at the shop and the air was crisp. So far it looked like it was going to be a wonderful date night. He could only hope Pegasus showed up alone, and that Bakura-kun decided not to show. He hadn't had time alone with his idol in what seemed like ages.

Otogi had dressed for the occasion in black silk pants with a crimson embroidered dragon twisting up one leg. His shirt was also crimson silk, and the top three onyx buttons were left undone to reveal just enough chest to be enticing. He wore his usual necklace and earring, but his headband was switched for a solid black silk one to match his outfit.

He toyed with a lock of his luxurious hair as he waited.

(OOC: Since I hadn't heard from Kisara in a while I figured I'd just "drop her off", but if she wants to join she heard where we were headed. ;D )

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The Squirrels Are Coming! [22 Jan 2005|01:34pm]


Pegasus had never had the best of luck. He was undoubtedly the first to admit to it as well which is why it came as no surprise at all to the man that the rain stopped the very moment he and Miss Isis arrived at the door to the Black Clown.

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[19 Jan 2005|03:27pm]

[ mood | pensive ]

Atemu retreated back into his hikari's body after cleaning up the ice cream Malik had oh-so-sweetly smashed into his face. He didn't feel like getting into a fight... yet, anyway. [ooc: Yeah. Malik. You have it coming. XDD;; Don't worry, I haven't chickened out. ^^;] He smiled mischeviously. The festival should be promising, though.

Speaking of the festival, he was a little nervous about that. Hikari had been telling him about what you actually did at them, and it all seemed a little strange. Romanticism wasn't exactly Atemu's strong point. Good yami don't engage in duels with their hikari's soul on the line. Then again, Yuugi had pushed Atemu out of the way...

Atemu shook his head. Best not to think about that. He didn't feel like getting all moody again.

He wondered again what the festival would be like. It may be a time to patch things up with Yuugi. Things had been kind of... strange lately. He wasn't sure why, but it was almost as if Yuugi was avoiding him. That was a ridiculous thought, since they both shared the same body. But it seemed like Yuugi-kun was growing more and more distant.

He glanced out through his aibou's eyes and noticed someone oddly familiar coming into his peripheral vision...

[ooc: WHO COULD IT BE?! *gasp* C'mon. Bite, fishies. I know my bait wasn't very appetizing... at all... but... I suck at RP. ;_;]

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[18 Jan 2005|06:36pm]

Honda sighed as he walked aimlessly down the street. There was nothing to do.

Nothing. At. All.

He had grown bored of window shopping for bike parts some time ago and was ready to beat his head against a wall in boredom. Surely there was some world-threatening excitement going on somewhere, there always seemed to be after all, and he was missing it.

Wait a second! He thought he saw a familiar blonde in a crowd up ahead. Yeah, it was him! Undoubtedly he and his best friend could find something to do!

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[09 Jan 2005|07:20pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

((you can understand my maddness? OH HURRAY! Sorry if there are even more spelling errors in this post too...am being rushed and I'm working with a shit keyboard! GRRRRR! WHY MUST THE FATES WORK AGAINST ME?!??!?!!!?))

"Wrong way?" I cried back nervously. Was I really going the wrong way? ...oh crap...I AM going the wrong way! DAMN! But the lovely hikari must not know! I quickly halted my run and worked to come up with an excuse as to WHY I was going in this direction.

Still refusing to let him down, I scanned my surroundings hopefully until my eyes spotted and ice cream shop. "Oh! YOU SEE!!! This was where I intented to go! I thought we could get some nice food before the festival!" Yes! Saved! Stalking proudly over to the ice cream palor, I headed toward the corner (my helpless hikari still held firmly in place! :D) when I spotted.....

Yuugi....Yuugi and Bakura....oh thank karma for the EVIL!!!! BWUAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA!


*STORMSTORMSTORMSTORM!!!* "YOU!! IT'S YOU! OH YES! HELPLESS!!!! MWUAHAHHHAHAHAHHAHA! Now I can CRUSH you small and fragile neck you damnable container!" I shouted joyously, my hand instantly darting out to grab Yuugi's neck, fingers forming a vice grip about that vunerable bit of the boy as my own container slid down from my shoulder, and down my chest, a place where I intented to keep him...

...Yes, one arm in a vice grip about MY container and one hand choking the life out of another....what a scene for an ice cream shop...

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[08 Jan 2005|01:42pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Isis stared at the cat in front of her. It was a small black kitty with bright green eyes, and it was blocking her path. Unblinkingly it stared up at her, and mewed again.
"Please move," Isis responded quietly, with a little nod to the feline. Still the cat didn't move.
"Mrow!" It nuzzled her leg.
"I need to get to the library." She gently nudged the cat with her foot, but still it wouldn't allow her to pass. "Please move?"
Had anyone been around to see this, they would've been surprised to see a woman talking to a cat on the middle of the sidewalk instead of walking around it, with the rain hammering down all about but not a sign of recognition towards the rain save the umbrella over her head; but no-one was around to see it and Isis was talking to it anyways.
Isis was respectful of many animals, especially cats, and refused to merely step over them; the result was an unfortunate delay in many an arrival.
"Move," she repeated, patient as ever. She was hoping to meet someone.
With a last mew and a nuzzle, the cat darted away towards the swampish garden adjacent, allowing Isis to continue on towards the library, where she knew she was awaited. Late again...

((OOC: Sorry the post's a bit late... ^^;;; Forgive me~?))

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[08 Jan 2005|03:12pm]

Varon's eyes moved back and forth over the page, although they were half-lidded and the boy seemed rather uninterested with what he was reading. Well, he would be uninterested; he had never been one for the bible. However, he had nothing else to do, so he might as well do something...

"Heh... Pestilence..." He flipped the page. The 'plague-story!' had always been the only bible story he could manage to listen to without whining. Since it was a bible story, it still wasn't very exciting, but it was okay for the moments that would otherwise have been spent being bored as hell...

He pulled his jacket closer to his body as a particuarilly cold breeze blew by. He shivered slightly... Yes, the park was a great place to read when it was twenty degrees outside </le>

[Eheh... Sorry for the lateness, but I started school the same day the RP started, and I'm sorta kinda restricted from the comp during weekdays.. so... yeah... *le sweatdrop-eth* Anyway... I don't care who replies... Just... do so, please~ >__>; *bored* x.e]
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[06 Jan 2005|10:32pm]

After school Otogi ducked out the side door to head back to his shop. He had nothing against Yugi and his friends, but he had work to do and he knew if any of them caught him on his way home he could kiss the rest of the afternoon goodbye.

He made it back to the Black Crown game shop without having to dodge too many screaming fangirls, but inside was a whole different situation. He flirted with every girl (or boy) in sight just to score another sale. When the store was mostly emptied he set about rearranging the chaos that just minutes before was a display for the Duel Disc.

(OOC: I'm here! I'm here! Sorry for the boring post. SOMEONE COME VISIT ME!)
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[06 Jan 2005|09:20pm]

[ mood | angsty ]

Yami sat quietly inside his cold, impersonal chamber within his aibou's body. The brief comparision between his own room and Yuugi's crossed his mind and he realized how the child he used to be was virtually non-existant. He wasn't even that old (minus the whole 3000 year hibernation), yet he felt as old as Sugoroku - Yuugi's grandfather. Yami leaned back against the emotionless wall and closed his eyes. The voice of his aibou floated up to him. He smiled at the sound of his voice and for a split-second, the wall of defense slipped. He then heard another voice, Bakura maybe, mentioning something about Yami no Malik and Yami's face hardened again. He hated putting Yuugi in danger, and that was all he seemed to be accomplishing lately. Yuugi was too pure and honest to deal with any of the situations that were Yami - no, Atemu's own personal problems.

Yami sighed and got up slowly. A sudden burst of anger rose and he slammed his fist against the hard, indestructable mazed wall. Uh, oh. I hope I didn't disturb Yuugi..., he thought...

[ooc: sorry about my first post being angsty. x_x;;]

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where are you my tasty treat? *searches [04 Jan 2005|04:54pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Ah! Some fresh air and a planned schedule of attack can do wonders for my attitude! Yes! Today, well...I wouldn't defeat yami or his damned container today...but! BUT toDAY, I would have my hikari to torment! Having him to "play" with would utlimately improve my sour reaction/attitude when I finally come to terms with how it's going to take a lot more than a "good day" to kick yugi's asssss...:(

I always hate having to accept that...*sigh* Turning the corner briskly while avoiding the penetrating stares that focused on me at a practically constant rate, (what do you expect? white hair and an eygption outfit? you're going to get a few glances!) I moved up to my hikari's home...now...to knock on the door, or be creative...As I pondered what way I wanted to ruin my hikari's day with my sudden arrival, I noticed that the window to his room had open blinds and as I glanced in...I could see him sleeping, oh so peacefully...Quickly making my decision, I rushed over to the window and pounded hard on the glass with my fist and as he jolted out of bed in his boxers, sleep still coating his eyes, I couldn't help but smile as he peared out the window with wide, innocent eyes to meet my haunting gaze...

"Wakey Wakey my lovely hikari! Time to entertain me!!!"

(ooc: lord you blokes! to get this commun moving maybe you should...i don't know...BE ACTIVE!!! MOVE MOVE MOVE! WHAT OTHER REASON ARE YOU HERE FOR?!?!?!? GODS!)

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lets get the ball rolling ^_^ [03 Jan 2005|10:12pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Yugi tapped his foot, impatiently awaiting his friend's arrival. The bell rang ten minutes ago.....why's he so late? He sighed heavily, leaning back against rough tree bark. Students continued to filter out the high school's gates and amythest eyes desperately sought to find a familar face in the crowd.

Wait a second....there he is!

"Hey!!" He called, then stood up and waved an arm, trying to get the other's attention.

OOC note: alright, a first post. ^^; if anyone's here yet, come hang out with me ^_^

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first post ^_^ [11 Dec 2004|04:49pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Allright, hi there, i'm one of your mods, lena; i figured that it'd only be appriopriate to make the first post a sort of...expliantion. Well, as previously stated we completely support yaoi and yuri as well as lemon posting. If you want to do so, post it under a cut in this journal and you can write whatever you like in your character journals.

Personally, I don't support abuse of other members, so if someone is being harassed for likeing something or playing their character a certain way, e-mail me, and I will take care of it.

But enough serious stuff ^^

If you plan on joining, please, please make your journal asap so that we can get started. We'll keep you posted on when the RPG will get off the ground, but if you have a plot idea or a question of any kind, just leave a comment or send me an email and i'll answer you as soon as i can.

thanks again guys ^_^


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